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Testing finds inconsistent dosing, signals need for self-regulation

 64% of products on Minnesota shelves failed to deliver the advertised amount of CBD Testing finds inconsistent dosing, signals need for self-regulation   Minneapolis, MN, June 17, 2020 – Are you really getting your money’s worth when you buy a CBD product? In collaboration with Confidence Analytics, the Minnesota Hemp Farmers & Manufacturers Association ran full panel tests on popular and readily available CBD products found at tobacco shops, hemp and CBD shops, in the Minneapolis area to find out.  “I had become increasingly frustrated with the amount of focus placed on hemp farmers to test for THC compliance, while

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WANT A GREAT HARVEST WITHOUT GOING HOT? Genetics are the Single Most Important Factor KanehGenix has crossed the most robust feral hemp cultivars growing in the wild with high-yield cannabis to produce a range of new industrial hemp strains specifically designed to thrive in the Midwest.  Our plants are genetically Midwest-native and naturally resistant to local aphids, mites, mildew and molds. “[People thought] there was something about how the farmer grew the plant, something about the soil, the weather got too hot, his field was droughted, something went wrong with the growing conditions .. but our evidence is that fields

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The Future of Hemp: Sustainability and Uses for Hemp

Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, is a variety of the plant Cannabis sativa. When people hear the word ‘cannabis’, they immediately associate it with marijuana. Yes, marijuana and hemp are both cannabis plants, but their chemical makeup, usages, and morphology are very different. Their differences with each other are made evident in the way they are used. For example, hemp is grown and harvested specifically for its industrial uses. In fact, it is one of the very first plants that were spun into fiber around 50,000 years ago. It has such a rich history in terms of usage. In

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We are so very pleased to announce our new home on the web! Thanks to the amazing help from Advay Jain we finally have a space fit to call a home. Keep checking back as there will be many new additions coming!

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Honk 4 Hemp!

The Minnesota Hemp Farmers & Manufacturers Association is pleased to be adopting a stretch of highway 35 between 62 & 260th St. E. This will be an opportunity to show the community that us hempsters are stewards of the land and that the preservation of the environment is a top priority. Join us

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