People make good decisions when they have access to good science.

Consumer Safety Watchdog Project

Over the course of the last 4 months we have sampled a total of 25 random CBD products off the shelves of retail locations in the Twin Cities Area. Confidence Analytics was extremely generous to donate full panel tests for all 25 samples which would include Cannabinoid content, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Molds/Mildews & Mycotoxins, and Residual Solvents. We do this to bring attention to the various claims, dosages, and purity levels of products being offered to consumers of hemp products. There is a strong push from regulatory agencies to continue focusing testing measures on extremely minimal amounts of THC levels rather than the myriad of chemicals and rancid material that those with inside knowledge of the industry understand is being put into market for human (and animal) consumption.

The goal is not to shame or “punish” the businesses or brands with inaccurate results, but to educate and help build the industry up through the development and promotion of Best Management Practices (BMP) from seed to sale.

The MHFMA adopted a 1.4 mile stretch of I-35 in Elko, MN through the Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Highway program. Through this we have agreed to do 2 volunteer cleaning days per year for a minimum of two years. We had initially intended to be doing the roadside cleanup around right now (Earth Day), however due to Covid-19 we have been informed that the MN-DOT programs have been temporarily halted and that we will be notified when they resume again.

Regenerative Farming​

St. Paul, Minnesota – The Minnesota Hemp Farmers & Manufacturers Association (MHFMA) and Minnesota
Industrial Hemp Association (MIHA) have sent a joint letter to the Minnesota Department of Commerce regarding
access to capital for businesses throughout the industrial hemp supply chain. Specifically, the MHFMA and MIHA
requested that banks treat industrial hemp as every other commodity crop and provide access to all traditional
banking services such as debit, credit, savings, loans, and insurance.